What is Identity Security?

Keeping your identity and personal information safe from criminals

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Identity security is a series of measures, best practices and tools that – when combined – provide you with identity protection.

Antivirus alone isn’t enough

Most of us have antivirus software, designed to protect, detect and remove viruses and malware on all our smart devices. It’s an essential first step, but it is no longer enough to keep your personal information safe. Criminals use a variety of methods to obtain your personal data and will go to great lengths to get what they want. A multi-faceted approach is necessary to combat the threats and protect your identity and privacy.

Why do I need it?

Keeping yourself and your family safe is becomingly increasingly difficult. The fast-growing use of social media and our reliance on technology means we are more vulnerable to identity theft and losing control of our privacy than ever before.

Keeping our lives and communication private – away from intrusive eyes – can no longer be taken for granted as the number of privacy breaches continues to grow. Protecting your sensitive information in any context is an essential part of keeping your identity safe.

Our online world has many seen – and unseen – threats:


Rise of Big Data

The phenomenon of big data has resulted in sensible personal data being accessible in ways that were unthinkable only two decades ago, creating a wide range of privacy issues.


Social Platforms

Photos, videos and other bits and pieces of personal information are shared daily on social media, giving criminals more opportunity to piece together your identity.



Online access is no longer restricted to your desktop at home. Smart devices give you the opportunity to do everything you need to do, including banking and shopping, bringing with it privacy and security threats.


Single Sign On (SSO)

The increasing popularity of SSO password systems carries with it a massive privacy threat as criminals gain access to all your accounts once they get a hold of your SSO password.


Always on Connectivity

With the rise of wi-fi, continuous online access is expected and has changed the way we live. It also means the threats have increased, resulting in privacy issues with real dangers.

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What's the solution?

We’ve designed Australia’s first identity security package, offering full protection, detection and remediation.


Our identity security package incorporates state-of-the-art antivirus software for all your devices, transaction security for safe banking and online shopping, and a privacy agent for additional protection.


We have a cutting-edge Watch & Alert monitoring system which trawls the darkest corners of the web 24/7 so any suspicious activity regarding your personal data is picked up straight away and can be investigated.


In case of identity theft, we have a dedicated team ready to assist you in responding to potential data breaches. We also provide complimentary insurance to cover eligible professional services expenses or personal direct expenses, you incur while restoring your identity*.

Who needs it? - ALL Australians

Identity security is a series of measures, best practices and tools that – when combined – provide you with identity protection.

To check whether you meet the eligibility requirements for complimentary idSafe Identity Theft Expenses Protection Insurance, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

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