How idSafe Works

How our three-dimensional security solution helps protect your identity and privacy

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As cyber security specialists who understand the sensitive nature of identity theft like no other, we set out to develop a three-dimensional security solution for every Australian because everyone deserves to have control over their identity and privacy.

The Invisible Crime

Identity theft, along with many other threats, is rapidly becoming one of the most significant risks of the internet era. As we store more personal information online and increasingly rely on credit cards and sharing data with third-party companies, the risk of identity crime has skyrocketed.

Most crimes affect us directly such as burglary and credit card fraud. Identity theft is a largely invisible crime which can remain hidden for years. It’s not just credit card details that can be used: passport information, Medicare data, driving licence records and even your email address can be used for illegal activities.

Some victims do not discover the loss of their identity until they receive a bank statement in their name for a loan they never applied for or it is discovered that someone has applied for a Centrelink benefit in your name. It can take months and years to restore your identity so protecting yourself is really the only option.

Our Approach

Protecting people – safeguarding you and those you love – is what we‘re all about. We put people first because we believe you have the right to live your life in all its fullness without having to be afraid of invisible threats. We’ve made it our mission to empower every Australian with the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and those close to you from identity threats.

We’ve developed a three-dimensional security solution to offer strong, reliable protection against a wide range of identity theft threats

Our solution is threefold


Our protection starts with our advanced internet security software to ensure your banking and online transactions are safe. Most people have a type of basic anti-virus software - but this is unfortunately not enough.


The next level of security is detection. Detection involves the continuous monitoring of the darkest corners of the web to look for compromised data and we’ll alert you immediately if something unusual is picked up.


Remediation incorporates our personalised customer service should your identity be compromised. Our Identity Security Specialists have been trained to help you recover after an identity breach and undo any damage.
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